• Tyler Perry Being Sued by American Book Author Over Good Deeds Plot

    November 28th, 2012

    Tyler Perry the most famous drag queen most known for playing Madea in his modern day blaxplotation films is being sued over a film plot.   Author Terri Donald, who also writes under the pseudonym TLO Red’ness, says Perry based the film on her 2007 book, “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit.”

    The author sued the prolific filmmaker Tyler Perry in a federal court on Tuesday, accusing him of lifting the plot of his 2012 movie, “Good Deeds,” from her book.

    The lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia, says Donald sent a copy of her book to Perry’s company before production on the movie began.

    Donald is seeking $225,000 in initial damages as well as an injunction requiring the company to add a credit for her book in the opening and closing credits. The lawsuit also calls for the company to provide an accounting of the movie’s revenues.

    The drama, which stars Perry as a wealthy businessman who meets a struggling single mother, earned approximately $35 million at the box office after its February release.

    Ms. Terri, sorry honey boo boo, but you need to have several seats this sounds like a plot to a million other movies and stories, if that’s the case I want my cut too!   The gag, the tea and the shade is how the author waited to see how the movie did at the box office before she came with a lawsuit.

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